The JETFile process takes the packet and submits it for filing to the DIR/DWC data center. This process takes place in five steps:

  • Creation of the electronic packet
  • Sending of the packet to the DIR/DWC communication servers
  • Confirmation of receipt of the packet by the DIR/DWC communication servers
  • Validation of data by the DIR/DWC processing servers
  • Processing of the packet by the DIR/DWC processing servers

This process takes time, but since it is done by QuickEAMS in the background, you can start it and let QuickEAMS confirm each step via notifications.


Creation of the electronic packet

In this step, the packet is created by QuickEAMS if the type of packet is allowed by DIR/DWC. Currently the following packets are allowed:

  • Application for Adjudication
  • Notice and Request for Allowance of Lien
  • Declaration of Readiness to Proceed
  • Declaration of Readiness to Proceed - Expedited Hearing
  • Compromise and Release
  • Stipulations

QuickEAMS will confirm the creation of the packet and pass it on to the next step in the process.

At this time, a DIR/DWC transmission identifier is created and passed back to you. This identifier is useful if you ever need to contact DIR/DWC regarding a filing.


Sending of the packet

Electronic packets can be sent to the DIR/DWC communication servers during the following hours:

Day of WeekFromTo 
Monday4:30 am7:30 pm
Tuesday4:30 am7:30 pm
Wednesday4:30 am7:30 pm
Thursday4:30 am5:30 pm.(short day)
Friday4:30 am7:30 pm
Saturday4:30 am7:30 pm

This is shown for informational purposes only, as QuickEAMS will automatically send your request at the proper time. This means that if you submit a JETFile request on a Sunday, QuickEAMS will hold it and send it on Monday morning.

A confirmation will be generated by QuickEAMS when the packet was succesfully delivered to DIR/DWC.


Confirmation of receipt

The first comminications from DIR/DWC itself will be a confirmation that the packet was received. This confirmation should take place within a minute of receipt by DIR/DWC, however, due to delays in processing and communications it may take a little longer. Note that the time is not from time of submission, but from the notification of the sending of the packet.


Validation of data

The next communications should take place within two hours of the confirmation of receipt, and it is a message from DIR/DWC telling you whether the data that you sent them has passed their internal validation methods and if not, what fields need to be changed.

Again, the two hours are DIR/DWC working hours as shown above.


Helpful Documents from DIR/DWC

List of fields by form, and whether they are required or optional

A list of errors definitions

Rules used by the JETFile system

All valid documents names to be used in separator sheets


Processing of the packet

The last comminication will be the result of the processing of the packet, and include the case number or other information generated by the process.

This process may take an additional two hours.



Any notification received is kept in the QuckEAMS packet folder and viewable as any other document.


Service to other parties

JETFile does not mean that you do not need to serve all other parties, as you would do in any other type of filing. QuickEAMS allows you to get a single PDF file of the entire file contents. This file can be printed out and used to serve other parties.

We are busy working on a service that will serve either electronically or via first class mail!


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