QuickEAMS uses DMNSion Exchange as the platform to store and process all requests.

DMNSion Exchange has multiple ways to access the files, however QuickEAMS uses the Pipe access method to create a real-time interface, which is explained here.

Please review each section to understand how to use the API and all the terminology involved.



Each piece of information is stored as an object in the DMNSion Exchange system. Each object has a unique name, which is called a locator.

Examples of objects are folders, files and each other pieces that makes up each file.

Each folder and file contains a data object, which is stored using the JSON format.



Each applicants' information and packets are stored in a folder as the folder's data.



Each packet is stored in a sub-folder in the EAMS folder for the applicant.

The packet is made up of files, one file per document in the packet.

The sequence of documents in the packet is the same for all packets:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Separator
  • Main Form
  • Separator
  • Attachment #1
  • Separator
  • Attachment #2
  • Separator
  • Attachment #n

This organization is required for submittal to the JETFile system.


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