The basic commands allow you to login and get login information from the system.



Syntax: name "msg id" "login name" "login password"(LF)

Logs in under the given login name and password. Note that you must login prior to executing any other command.


  • OK "msg id"(LF)
    Login succesful.
  • FAIL "msg id"(LF)
    Login failed.


Name Info

Syntax: "msg id"(LF)

Returns the current login name


  • OK "msg id" "login name" viewable "options list" "eams folder"(LF)
    The name is returned if a successful login has taken place prior.

    Viewable is Y or N, depending on whether viewable thumbnails are generated for the account.

    Options list is a slash delimited list with a list of system names allowed. Currently QuickEAMS and JETFile are the system supported.

    EAMS folder is the folder name where EAMS packets are kept.
  • FAIL "msg id"(LF)
    If no login is detected.


Synchronize name

Syntax: name.synch "msg id" "login name" "login pwd" allowdel(LF)

Creates/update a handler that can access DMNSion via the Pipe. The allowdel parameter is either y or n to signify if the handler is allowed to delete files.

This command can be used to synchronize a current ueser table with DMNSion in an automated fashion.


  • OK "msg id"(LF)
    DMNSion was updated.
  • FAIL "msg id"(LF)
    Unable to update.


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