The DMNSion Exchange Pipe interface is a simple SSL TCP/IP connection to a port in the DMNSion Exchange data center. The connection is bi-directional, so real-time performace is achived.



You send requests to the Pipe server as UTF-8 encoded strings, that are terminated by a LF (hex 0A) character. The contents of the sting are formatted as a list of space delimited word, where the first word is the command and the second word is the message unique identifier:

       notify.send 1234 mike@ecandidus 'Hello there Mikey!'

Note that if the word contains a space, you need to surround them by a quote character.

You can use either a single quote or double quote, so if your word contains a quote and a space, you can surround it by using the double quote:

       notify.send 1234 mike@ecandidus "Hello there Mikey! It's a wonderful day"

Note that the message unique identifier is defined by you and the same rules for all other words apply.



Responses are also space delimted strings encoded as the request, where the first word is either:

  • OK - The command executed succesfully
  • FAIL - The command failed

The second word is the message unique identifier, so you correlate the response to its original message.


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