Embedded Browsers

When using the API, you can make use of all of the QuickEAMS browser features by embedding a JavaScript capable browser in your application:


A special URL line is used for this purpose:

https://DMNSion.com/DMNSionPortal/?un=user@co&up=pwd&obj=modified locator

The modified locator string is the regular locator string, without the account portion so instead of:

/winklerlaw/Dunham, Mark/Reports/Dr. Jones/Final Exam.pdf:3

You would use:

/Dunham, Mark/Reports/Dr. Jones/Final Exam.pdf:3

Calls made using this format will hide all the normal buttons in QuickEAMS, so you must provide your own navigation support.

Note that the values must be URL encoded, as you would any browser call.


Showing a different object

Another option available, once you have launched your broweser using the URL shown, is the ability to switch from one object to another without having to reload the page.

This is done by invoking a DOM JavaScript call:

show(modified locator)

The same rules apply for the modified locator as described above. This is very useful when moving from page to page.