Filings Selection

DIR/DWC allows the search of filing information using:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth (optional)
  • City
  • ZIP Code

At all times the DIR/DWC record must fully match the name, city and zip of the applicant. When this does not happen, QuickEAMS will display a list of up to 25 possibilities, allowing you to choose one:

The Matched section describes what was used to retrieve the records shown, as QuickEAMS tries various combinations of your input until some information is found.

To limit the number of records, add other information that you omitted in the search. For instance, here we added the city to the name that we previously searched for:

When you click on one of the names, QuickEAMS will update the applicant's information with the selected record and fetch the corresponding filings.



The above rules apply when Tracking an Applicant. It is imperative that the proper information be set, as filing changes will only be retrieved when only one record is matched.


Bulk Input

Just like in tracking, filing information will only be retrieved when only one record matches. If your Bulk Input report does not show any filings for an entry, go to that folder and fetch filings manually to invoke the matching process.