Google and Outlook Calendar
  • Login to QuickEAMS as admin
  • Click on Administration (red heart)
  • Click on Associates
  • Enter the associate name and click Search
  • Click on the associate
  • Click on Rights
  • A little down the page you will find

  • Click on Enable to enable off-line calendar generation
  • Set the number of days into the past (default 0) and into the future (default 45)
  • Click on Include folders if you want to include QuickEAMS folder references in the calendar
  • Copy the URL to clipboard (Ctrl+C)
  • Click on Set at the bottom of the screen to save the settings
  • NOTE: Depending on the number of days, it make take up to 15 minutes for the calendar to be generated. Please wait for this length of time before continuing.


    Using Google Calendar

  • Open your Google Calendar
  • On the left side you will find Other Calendars, move your mouse over it and a drop down arrow appears
  • Click on it and select Add by URL

  • A dialog box appears where you can paste the URI and click on Add
  • The calendar will load
  • Once it is loaded, move the mouse over the url and click on the down arrow when it appears. Select Calendar Settings

  • Enter a readable name

  • Save when done
  • The hearings appear in a different format that other QuickEAMS calendars

  • Note that the map option displays properly

  • And the More details show

  • There are links to the Filing Report for the ADJ and if there are folders associated with the ADJ and you have selected to include folders, a link to each will be shown
  • Note that you may have to work with your phone's Calendar options to display the calendar, as it is not the default calendar. All the links work properly using QuickEAMS On The Go


    QuickEAMS generates an updated calendar file (.ics) overnight. Google Calendar updates the calendar every eight hours.



    Microsoft Outlook has a similar mechanism to Google. Here are the steps when using Outlook 2010.

    • Open Outlook
    • Click on File, Account Settings and Account Settings... as shown below
    • Select Internet Calendars tab and click on New
    • Enter the URL provided by QuickEAMS and click on Add
    • Once Outlook retrieves the event information, you will see a new calendar appear