DOR Maker

The DOR Maker tool is used to create and submit DORs in a single step. It requires the following information:


The DOR Maker requires you to enter an ADJ# to obtain most of the information for the DOR:

Once you have entered it, the maker will display the applicant's name and DOI so you can verify that the proper ADJ was entered. If you are found to be a party in the filing, it will be displayed in the FYI field, to minimize duplicate filings The maker will display if a hearing is already scheduled for the filing as the JETFile system will not allow for a secondqary hearing to be scheduled in those cases.


When used in conjuction with CloudLink, the information can be retrieved from your existing data in eCandidus, A1 Law or Tritek. Simply enter the case number in the reference field and press the tab key: