Entering Data

Each form is displayed as its paper counterpart:

Note that this form was just merged and yet much of the input has already been done for you.

You do not need to capitalize or take special care of formatting the data that you enter, as QuickEAMS will follow the rules established by DIR/DWC when you move out of the field.


Uniform Assigned Names (UAN)

QuickEAMS maintains a database of Uniform Assigned Names (UAN) entries as defined by DIR/DWC which it uses to help you in filling out addresses.

When you have entered three or more characters in a UAN name field, a list of possible matches is displayed:


You can keep typing until you see the entry that you are looking for:


Then simply click on or cursor down to the entry and press the enter key.

The form will be updated with the address selected.

Note that QuickEAMS displays the first five matches only. In this example we are looking for Broadspire Sacramento:

If you do not see the item, type some other part of the name to narrow the list:

Note that you do not need to type the entire word, just portions of it.

Be aware that names and addresses that would normally come from the DIR/DWC, like law firms and insurance companies, must be an Uniform Assigned Name (UAN).


Address Book

For those addresses that are not part of the Uniform Assigned Names (UAN) entries, like employers, QuickEAMS maintains an internal Address Book so you do not have to re-enter the address once entered.

Address lookup works similarly to the way UAN entries are found:


Once you have entered three or more characters, a list is displayed and you can select from it.


Navigating pages

When the forms has more than one page, you can switch pages by using the Next page and Prev page buttons

You can view all of the pages in the forms by clicking on the View folder/file contents button:

Here you can double click on any page to view it.


Viewing all forms and documents in the packet

When in the form view, you can click on the View folder/file contents button again to display all of the documents in the packet:

Again, double clicking on any item displays that item:

Note that the Proof of Service document is pre-filled with all of the parties in the filing.


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