Prime Medical

These documentation details the information needed by QuickEAMS to activate your Prime Clinical System to use QuickEAMS features:


QuickEAMS Account

Your account is the portion of your login after the @ symbol. For exaple if your login is susan@billinggroup, your account billinggroup. If you do not have an account, please contact Sales at or (213) 359-5309 to create one.


Your public key

In Intellect, go to Registration --> Worker --> Workers Comp Lien.

At the bottom of the first screen, click the [Setup] button to generate the public key.

If the public key is generated successfully, the button label changes from [Setup] to [Show Settings].

At the bottom of the first screen, click the button (this was previously the [Setup] button). The Settings screen will display. Your public key will be shown in the field at the top of the Settings screen:

Click the Copy Key key to copy the public key to the Clipboard.


Settings in QuickEAMS

  • Login to QuickEAMS as admin
  • Click on the Administration button (red heart on left side)
  • Select EDI menu entry:
  • Paste the public key into the proper area
  • Click on the Set menu entry

Your account is now setup to use the Prime Clinical interface.