Buttons are found at the margins of the screen, each set is grouped in bars by functionality.


Command Bar

The command bar is located on the left margin:

  Name Keyboard Shortcut Meaning
Applicants Alt+Ctrl+A Displays the search screen
Folders Alt+Ctrl+F Displays the root folder screen
Send a notification Alt+Ctrl+S Sends a notification to another user
New Notifications Alt+Ctrl+Z Indicates that new notifications are available
Notifications Alt+Ctrl+Z Indicates that notifications area available
Tools Alt+Ctrl+T Displays the Tools screen
Administration   Displays the Administration screen
Clone   Opens a clone of the current screen
Exit Alt+Ctrl+X Logs off QuickEAMS


Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is located on the bottom margin:

  Name Keyboard Shortcut Meaning
Previous page Page Up Displays the previous page in the document
View document/folder contents Alt+Ctrl+V Displays the document or folder contents
Next page Page Down Displays the next page in the document


Folder Bar

The folder bar is located on the right margin:

  Name Keyboard Shortcut Meaning
Manage folder Alt+Ctrl+G Displays the Folder Manager screen
Search folder   Searches the folder for keywords
Display folder note   Displays the folder note
Download PDF of folder Alt+Ctrl+P Generates and downloads a PDF of all of the documents in the folder
Show navigation tree Alt+Ctrl+E Displays the navigation screen
Upload into folder Alt+Ctrl+U Upload a document into the folder


Document Bar

The document bar is located on the right margin. It shares its space with the folder bar:

  Name Keyboard Shortcut Meaning
Process document   Process the document using DMNSion options
Manage document Alt+Ctrl+G Displays the Document Manager screen
Search pages   Searches the document pages for keywords
Download original document Alt+Ctrl+D Downloads the original document
Download PDF Alt+Ctrl+P Generates and downloads a PDF of the document if available
Edit document note   Displays the document note
Display applicant's data Alt+Ctrl+L Displays the applicant's data screen
Create form/packet Alt+Ctrl+K Creates a form or packet
Submit to JETFile Alt+Ctrl+J Submits a packet to JETFile


Drawing Bar

The drawing bar is located on the left margin. It shares space with the command bar:

  Name Keyboard Shortcut Meaning
Show/hide drawing options   Shows or hides the drawing buttons. Any drawings are save when the bar is hidden
Select   Selects one or mode drawings
Erase   Erases one or more drawings
Draw empty area   Draws an empty rectangle
Draw pink highlight   Draws a pink rectangle
Draw yellow highlight   Draws a yellow rectangle
Draw blue highlight   Draws a blue rectangle
Draw green highlight   Draws a green rectangle


Enabling keyboard shortcuts

By default, keyboard shortcuts are not enabled. We have tried to make the shortcuts compatible with all browsers, however we have run across some older browsers that misbehave by replacing the character that you enter with a different one.

To enable the keyboard shortcuts, simply use this link:



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