In page mode, you can view a single page of a document.

In QuickEAMS most documents are forms, where data is entered:

There are four types of fields in a form page. They may display different in different browsers.


Data Fields

Data fields are displayed as rectangular areas where you can type data. Note that data validation is done when you exit the field. Data is validated for proper length, content and formatting per the DIR/DWC rules.

Fields that are required are shown with a red border.


Drop Downs

Drop downs are fields where you are limited to set of options. They display a list when you select them.


Radio Buttons

Radio buttons allow you to select one and only one from a set of options that are all shown in the form. They are shown as check marks in the example above.


Check Boxes

Check boxes allow you to set or clear the value in a field. They are shown as blue boxes in the example above.


Non-Form Pages

Pages that are not part of a form document simply display the page:



Examples here are shown without buttons, which can be hidden by clicking on the page itself.

You can see detail descriptions for all buttons here.


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