Drawing mode can be invoked when in page mode. You enter it by clicking on the QuickEAMS logo.

The drawing bar is displayed:



You can highlight an area by selecting the appropriate highlight tool.

Note that highlights are only shown when vieweing the page and are not sent as part of the filing.

Draw empty area Draws an empty rectangle
Draw pink highlight Draws a pink rectangle
Draw yellow highlight Draws a yellow rectangle
Draw blue highlight Draws a blue rectangle
Draw green highlight Draws a green rectangle


Here we have selected the pink highlight and then selected an aread by using the mouse cursor:

When the mouse is released, the selected area is highlighted:


Selecting a highlight

You can select a highlight by clicking on the Select button.

You can then click on any highlight and it will display its handles.


Editing a highlight

You can reposition and resize any highlight using the highlight handles at the bottom right corner and center.

Simply click and hold the mouse cursor to resize or reposition.


Repositioning a group of highlights

If you select more than one highlight, only the reposiotion, or center, handle of the fits will be shown.

You can then reposition all of the selected highlight at the same time.


Erasing highlights

By selecting the Erase button, you can then select an area in the page and all of the highlights in the area will be erased.


Saving changes

Any changes to the page will be saved when you click on the Show/hide drawing options button.


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