Menus are lists of a mixture of data entry and command bars. Each entry takes up the entire width of the menu, so they are vertical in form.



Commands are menu items that perform an action. They are distinguished by having their functionality or value as the label, on the left side, and an arrow at the right end:

In this example, all of the entries are commands. For those that have a function, the function is shown inside a set of double parentheses. Those that select a value just show the value.

Commands turn blue when the cursor is above them.


Data Entry

There are four types of data entry options.



These types of data entry fields have two sections. The left section is the label and tells you what the field is and the left section is the value:

All of the menu entries from Name to EAMS# are data entry items.

To enter data simply click on the field that you want to enter data into and type the data.



Text fields do not have a label portion, it is a field that allows multiple lines of data to be entered:

The area above the Format field is a text area. In some browsers you can resize the text area.


Check Boxes

In the image above Fetch Filings? and Create Filing Report? are check boxes. This type of files allow you to toggle the value between two states. This field appearance is determined by the browser.


Radio Boxes

Radio boxes allow you to select one entry from a list. In the image above Format and then are radio boxes. This field appearance is determined by the browser.


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