Folders are a key part of the QuickEAMS structure:

Folders are shown in light blue.

Each folder has a name assigned to it. Names area alpha-numeric and can contain any character except the slash / and colon :. If you use these characters when creating a folder, they will changed to dash -.


Applicant Folders

The first level of folders are the applicants folders. QuickEAMS does not enforce any rule regarding the applicant's folder name, however the Bulk Input tool creates folder using:

lastName, firstName - mm-dd-yyyy - xxxx

where the mm-dd-yyy is the date of birth and the xxxx is the file number used by the office.


Rather than forcing our methodology, you are free to include any information that is important to you as part of the name. Since QuickEAMS allow you to search by any portion of the applicant's folder name, you can search by those items that are important and useful to you.

Since you determine what the file number content is when doing bulk input, you can include all that is important when using the tool.


EAMS folder

The EAMS folder is where all of the QuickEAMS information is kept. It is automatically created when any form, packet or any notification is created.


Notification folder

Notification folders are where the notifications are stored. Note that you will find these folders at various levels in the tree.


Packet folders

When packets are created, each is stored as a separate folder:

Each folder is named with the name of the packet and the date that it was created.


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