Sign Up

You can sign up to use QuickEAMS over the Internet.


1. Get and sign the QuickEAMS Contract

You can get a copy of the QuickEAMS Contract here. You need to attach a signed copy of the contract to your QuickEAMS ID Request.


2. Get a QuickEAMS ID

Fill out the QuickEAMS ID Request and get your ID.

The QuickEAMS ID is your organization identifier. It is used as part of each login of your office


Lets say that you are the Law Office of Mickey Mantle, you may select your QuickEAMS ID to be any of these:

  • mickeymantle
  • mantlelaw
  • lommantle

You and your associates can then login as:

  • steve@mickeymantle
  • mickey@mantlelaw
  • abi@lommantle

These are examples only, you make up your QuickEAMS ID!

What you cannot do: You may not create a QuickEAMS ID that does not represent your organization. For instance, if you are the Law Office of Mickey Mantle and your competitor is the Law Office of Sam Houston, you may not create a QuickEAMS ID that reads shoustonlaw.

eCandidus™ reserves the right to modify the account name (QuickEAMS ID) and/or to cancel the subscription at any time.