Bulk Input

The Bulk Input tool allows you to add or remove multiple applicants quickly:



Applicants are enter one applicant per line and can include:

  • Name - The first and last name of the applicant.
  • Date of Birth - The date of birth in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • ZIP Code - The ZIP Code in nnnnn format.
  • Reference - Reference information to be included in the folder name.

The date of birth, zip code and reference fields are optional, however you must follow the rules set by the Filing Selection.



Free Form

QuickEAMS will detect the layout automatically, which can vary for each line. Any reference value must be enclosed in quote (single or double) marks.

Reference Name DOB

Each line will have the reference as the first word, followed by the name and ending with the date of birth. The reference does not have to enclosed in quote marks.

Name DOB Reference

Each line will have the name first, followed by the date of birth and ending with the reference. The reference does not have to enclosed in quote marks.


Fetch Filings

The fetch filings options tells the Bulk Input tool to fetch the filing and create a Filings Report for each applicant.


then Save and Track

Create a new folder for each applicant and set the applicant tracking option on.

then Save

Create a new folder for each applicant.

then Remove

Delete applicant folder.



Processing starts when you click on the Set command area. All processing is done in the background to allow you to continue with other work.

Processing is done in two phases, the first is to parse the applicant list and create or remove the appropriate folders. This phase generates a report:


The second pahse is the createing of the Filing Reports which is done one applicant at a time.

You are notified when each report is available for your viewing.